Design force in shear plane 2 Fv.sp.2 = 1.74 kN

Design capacity of shear plane 2 exceeds the design force in shear plane 2; therefore OK.

6. Splitting capacity of the connection

As the direction of shear plane 2 force relative to member 3 in configuration 3,2,3 is parallel to the grain of the member, timber splitting will not be relevant to member 3.

The splitting strength will, however, need to be investigated for members 1 and 2 in joint 1,2,1. There is no need to check member 2 in joint 3,2,3 as the loading and geometrical configuration of the connection will be the same as for member 2 in 1,2,1.

1. Resultant force in shear plane (1) is at 012 to the axis of member AB

FVv d 1

Design shear force on each member 1 - F1xd = —-— F1xd = 1.74 kN from the roof loading arrangement, the shear force in each member on each side of the connection will be

Design splitting capacity of member 1, F190. Rd

Distance from extreme bolt position to the loaded face of member 1, h1e h1e = 112.5 mm

h 1e

0 0

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