Here the functions are as previously described and /c,w,k and /t,w,k are the characteristic compressive bending and tensile bending strengths of the web material respectively. If such values are not given, EC5,9.1.1(5), allows the characteristic compression strength and the characteristic tensile strength of the material (/c,0,k or /c,90,k, and /t,0,k or /t,90,k as appropriate) to be used. Values for wood-based products are given in Chapter 1.

(b) Web buckling (due to shear) and shear stress check.

A full buckling analysis due to shear can be undertaken to check the buckling resistance of the web(s); however, as an alternative the criteria for buckling resistance given in 9.1.1(7) of EC5 can be used. The EC5 approach is conservative and simple to apply and the criterion to be met is:

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