Members Subjected To Combined Bending And Axial Loading

Where the effects of instability have to be taken into account in EC5, the strength validation requirements for a column subjected to combined compression and bending are different to the strength validation requirements for a beam subjected to combined compression and bending.

It is accepted that there are cases where different rules will apply, however it is considered that a general categorisation may be unsafe and the design procedure given in the following sub-sections applies to any member subjected to combined axial compression and bending with limitations given for the applicability of the procedure in line with the criteria used in EC5.

5.4.1 Where lateral torsional instability due to bending about the major axis will not occur

These are members that are subjected to a combination of direct compression and bending, and where lateral torsional instability of the member cannot occur. This implies that the relative slenderness for bending, Xrel m, about the major axis (described in, will be <0.75. Members subjected to combined axial and lateral loading or, as shown in Figure 5.9, to eccentric compressive loading acting along the direction of the x-x axis, come into this category.

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