Fig. 6.8. Bending and radial stresses in the apex zone of a double tapered beam: (a) elevation of a double tapered beam; (b) section at apex; (c) bending stress at apex; (d) radial stress at apex.

will be a maximum at the neutral axis position and the distribution will be as indicated in Figure 6.8d. Bending stress in the apex zone

Under the action of a design moment Mapd at the apex, the maximum bending stress, tfm,o,d, shown in Figure 6.8c is defined in EC5 as:

6 Map d

bhlp where b and hap are the width and depth, respectively, of the section at the apex as shown in Figure 6.8b and: kg is obtained from hap \ , i hap \ , (hap -) + k3{-

k1 = 1 + 1.4tan(aap) + 5.4tan2(aap) k2 = 0.35 - 8 tan(aap) k3 = 0.6 + 8.3 tan(aap) - 7.8 tan2(aap) k4 = 6 tan2(aap)

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