Stiffness Behaviour Of Toothedplate Ring And Shearplate Connectors

The lateral stiffness of toothed-plate, split-ring and shear-plate connectors is determined in the same way as discussed in 10.10 for metal dowel type fasteners.

The content of 10.10 is applicable to connections formed using these types of connector and although some matters of detail have been repeated in the following paragraphs for clarity, generally the content relates to areas where differences arise.

The slip modulus Kser per shear plane per connector at the serviceability limit state is given in Table 11.4. Where the joint comprises two jointed wood-based members

Table 11.4 Values for Kser for connectors in N/mm in timber to timber and wood-based panel-to-timber connections, (based on Table 7.1 in EC5)

Type of connector used (in accordance with BS EN 912)

Serviceability limit state slip modulus Kser

Toothed-plate connectors:

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