Design rolling shear strength is greater than the mean shear stress in the web; therefore OK

9. Deflection of the beam at the SLS

Using the characteristic combination of loading at the SLS, with the partial safety factor equal to 1.

At the instantaneous condition:

The instantaneous deflection at mid-span at the SLS, Minst G, will be based on the deflection formulae in Table 7.1:

384 E0.mean ' lef \ 8 / Gw.mean ' Aw u inst. G = 6.82 mm

Allowable instantaneous deflection uinst.SLs.aii = —^ uinst.SLs.aii = 13.33 mm at mid-span at the SLS, uinst.sLs.all 300

At the final deformation condition:

The stiffness property must be based on the requirements of EC5,

,1 f, Ep.c.90.mean\ 1 + kdef.f 71 . nc b1c.w.tfd = bw ■ - ■ ----b1c.w.tfd = 4.95 mm

Second moment of area of the web, 11c ef w = b1c w tfd H

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