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All design examples given in this book are produced in the form of worksheets using Mathcad computer software, licensed by Mathsoft Engineering & Education Inc, and are available on CD to run under Mathcad Version 11 or higher on any IBM/PC Personal Computer.

The worksheet files are labelled Example where l.m refers to the chapter and section numbers and n to the example number in that chapter. For example, Example refers to Example 2 in Chapter 6, Section 7.

It is recommended that the user make a backup copy of the worksheets. This way he or she is free to experiment with the worksheets. When a worksheet is loaded it should be saved under a new file name so that the modified original disk file remains unaltered.

Although great care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the example worksheets, it remains the responsibility of the user to check their results.

Please copy and complete the form below, enclosing a cheque for £30, which includes handling, postage and packing, made payable to A Kermani, and send to:

A Kermani, 4 Mid Steil, Glenlockhart, Edinburgh EH10 5XB, UK, email: [email protected].

Structural Timber Design to Eurocode 5

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