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(a) A row formed using single nails with a stagger < d Fig. 10.15. Nails in a row (nail spacing parallel to the grain - see Table 10.8). Nails

(a) Loaded parallel to the grain. Where nails are staggered in a row by less than a nail diameter perpendicular to the grain, as shown in Figure 10.15, they will all form part of the row, and if they are staggered by a distance greater than the nail diameter, two separate rows will be formed. For nails in a row loaded parallel to the grain in a connection:

• when using single nails in single or double shear:

• when using overlapping nails:


• nef is the effective number of nails in a row parallel to the grain;

• n is the number of nails in a row parallel to the grain (for single nails);

• np is the number of overlapping nails in the row parallel to the grain (noting that an overlapping nail is formed from two nails);

• kef is an exponent that is dependent on the nail spacing and whether or not pre-drilling is used, and is given in Table 10.10.

Table 10.10 Values for exponent kef in equations (10.43) and (10.44)*


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