Shear strength of the web:

Shear force in the beam, Vd

First moment of area of the section above the NA about the

/w.d = 13.43 N/mm2 Bending stress in the web is OK

htf Y

Shear stress at the NA position,


Ief bw.tfd EOSB.c.0.

Shear strength of the web material,

Design shear strength is greater than the shear stress, therefore OK

Shear strength of the glued joint between the web and the flanges:

First moment of area of top flange about the NA, St f

First moment of area of the bottom flange about NA, Sb.f

Maximum value of first moment of area about NA, Sf

Mean shear stress in the flange across the glue line, rmean.d

Ief ' bw.tfd Eosb.c.0.1 Rolling shear strength of the flange material, /v.i.90.d kmod.short ' ksys ■ /OSB .r.k /v.1.90.d = -


Rolling shear criteria, /v 90 d (equation (7.56) (EC5, 9.1.2(6))

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