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Figure 6.2: Load Model 71 and characteristic values for vertical loads

(3)P The characteristic values given in Figure 6.2 shall be multiplied by a factor a, on lines carrying rail traffic which is heavier or lighter than normal rail traffic.

When multiplied by the factor a the loads are called "classified vertical loads". This factor a shall be one of the following:

If no factor is specified, it shall be taken as 1,00.

Where a factor a is specified, the actions listed below shall be multiplied by the same factor a:

- Load Model SW/0 for continuous span bridges according to 6.8.1 (3)P,

- centrifugal forces according to 6.5.1,

- traction and braking forces according to 6.5.3,

- accidental actions according to 6.7.1.

Note: The factor a should be specified by the relevant authority. 6.3.3 Load Models SW

(1) Load Models SW represent the static effect of heavy rail traffic.

(2)P The load arrangement shall be taken as shown in Figure 6.3, with the characteristic values of the vertical loads according to Table 6.1.

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