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(3)P The lines or section of line over which heavy rail traffic may operate shall be designated.

Note: The designation shall be made by the relevant authority.

6.3.4 Unloaded train

For some specific verifications (see G.2.1.1.(4)P) a particular load model is used, called "unloaded train".

This action is a vertical uniformly distributed action the nominal value of which is 12,5 kN/m.

6.3.5 Distribution of axle loads by the rails, sleepers and ballast

(1) The following requirements are applicable to Load Model 71 and Load Models SW. Longitudinal distribution of a wheel load through the rail

(1) A wheel load may be distributed over three rail support points as shown in Figure 6.4 below:

Figure 6.4: Longitudinal distribution of a wheel load by the rail

Qvi is the wheel load a is the distance between rail support points Longitudinal distribution of load by sleepers and ballast

(1) As a general rule the axle loads of Load Model 71 may be distributed uniformly in the longitudinal sense.

(2)P For the design of structural elements such as deck plates and thin concrete slabs, however, the longitudinal distribution beneath sleepers as shown in Figure 6.5 shall be taken into account, where the reference plane is defined as the upper surface of the deck.

load on sleeper sr/ I

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