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Within this context this Prestandard has been established with two main objectives:

- to be sufficiently precise and comprehensive for contractual use,

- to be sufficiently flexible to allow the relevant authorities and their designers fully to exert their technical responsibilities.

(15) Because of the responsibilities of public authorities for bridges, it has been anticipated that, for the application of this Part, it will be supplemented by :

- general complementary rules and options to be provided by National Application Documents (NAD - see (16) below) and

- complementary and/or modifying specifications for particular projects.

Wherever this Prestandard mentions "unless otherwise specifiedH, it is intended that the relevant authorities (to be identified, if relevant, in the particular NADs) will remain free to intervene at either of the two levels above. It is the same where this Prestandard refers to the "client", if the client is not the relevant authority itself.

Information supplementing the Notes given in this Prestandard is given below to assist the preparation of the NADs.

(16) Some of the necessary supporting European or International Standards may not be available by the time this Prestandard is issued. It is therefore anticipated that a National Application Document (NAD) giving any mandatory values to be substituted for "boxed" values, referencing compatible supporting Standards and providing guidance on the national application of this Prestandard, will be issued by each member country or its Standards Organization.

(17) It is intended that this Prestandard will be used in conjunction with the particular NAD valid in the country in which the bridges are located.

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