Scope of ENV Eurocode

(1)P ENV 1991 provides general principles and actions for the structural design of building and civil engineering works including some geotechnical aspects and shall be used in conjunction with ENV 1992-1999.

(2) It may also be used as a basis for the design of structures not covered in ENV 1992-1999 and where other materials or other structural design actions are involved.

(3) ENV 1991 also covers structural design for construction conditions and structural design for temporary structures. It relates to all circumstances in which a structure is required to give adequate performance.

(4) ENV 1991 is not directly intended for the structural appraisal of existing construction, in developing the design of repairs and alterations, or for assessing changes of use, but may be so used where applicable.

(5) ENV 1991 does not completely cover special design situations which require unusual reliability considerations such as nuclear structures for which other specified design procedures should be used.

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