Scope of ENV Traffic loads on bridges

(1) Part 3 of ENV 1991 specifies imposed loads (models and representative values) associated with road traffic, pedestrian actions and rail traffic which include, when relevant, dynamic effects and centrifugal, braking, acceleration and accidental forces.

(2) Section 1 defines common definitions and notation.

(3) Section 2 defines loading principles for road bridges, footbridges (or cycle-track bridges) and railway bridges.

(4) Section 3 is concerned with design situations and gives guidance on simultaneity of traffic load models and on combinations with non-traffic loads.

(5) Section 4 specifies :

- Imposed loads (models and representative values) due to the traffic actions on road bridges and their conditions of mutual combination and of combination with pedestrian and cycle traffic (see section 5).

- Other actions specifically for the design of road bridges.

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