Final Comments And Evaluating Economics

A great deal of our discussions have focused on municipal treatment applications, particularly in this chapter. However, most if not all of the principles throughout the book are readily applicable to industrial water treatment applications. Try to approach each water treatment assignment from a first principles standpoint, and then develop design-specific cases with as much information on the chemistry, physical and thermodynamic properties of the wastewater stream and sludge to be handled. In all assignments, be sensitive to the cost issues. Engineering projects are not complete unless we have evaluated the project economics. Some cost factors for different technologies have been included in our discussions, but no real effort has been made for detailed comparisons between technologies. This really has to be performed on a case specific basis. What we can do before closing this volume is review some of the generalized project cost estimating parameters that are applicable to assessing the investments that may be needed in upgrading and/or installing wastewater treatment facilities and various solid-liquid separation equipment.

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