Important Applications

«p Recovery of paint from watersoluble coat bases (primers) applied by the wet electrodeposition process (electrocoating) in auto and appliance factories.

«p Recovery of proteins in cheese whey (a waste from cheese processing) for dairy applications. This is done if a market for protein can be found, in particular for feeding cattle and farm animals. In cheese whey processing, a typical unit might process 500,000 pounds a day of whey for 300 days a year.

*sr The concentration of waste-oil emulsions from machine shops, which are produced in association with cooling, lubricating, machining, and heavy metal rolling operations. The separation of the oil from the water works well with stable emulsions, but with unstable emulsions the oil will clog the filter.

«p Biologically active particles and fractions may be filtered from fluids using ultrafilters. This process is used extensively by beer and wine manufacturers to provide cold stabilization and sterilization of their products.

«p Water pollution analysis to concentrate organisms from water samples.

Filtering cells and cell fractions from fluid media. These particles, after concentration by filtration, may be examined through subsequent quantitative or qualitative analysis. The filtration techniques also have applications in fields related to immunology and implantation of tissues as well as in cytological evaluation of cerebrospinal, fluid.

enzymatic reactor is similar to a membrane fermenter with the exception that no microorganisms are present. Instead, enzyme-catalyzed reactions take place and reuse of the enzyme is simplified. That is, purification problems and enzyme removal from end products can be eliminated.

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