There are commercially available clarifier simulation software for comprehensive (2D) analyzes of wastewater treatment processes in circular and rectangular clarifiers. With these software, you can predict processes like:

• distribution of sludge in the settler

• flow streamlines in the settler

• vertical and horizontal flow velocities

• vertical and horizontal flow velocities

• sludge concentration in the effluent

• return sludge concentration

• total mass of sludge in the settler

Different processes like eddy turbulence, bottom current, stagnation of flows, and storm-water events can be simulated, using either laminar or turbulent flow model for simulation. All processes are displayed in real-time graphical mode (history, contour graph, surface, etc.); you can also record them to data files. Thanks to innovative sparse matrix technology, calculation process is fast and stable: a large number of layers in vertical and horizontal directions can be used, as well as a small time step. You can hunt for these on the Web.

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