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Centrifugation has some inherent advantages over vacuum filtration and other processes used to dewater sludge. It is simple, compact, totally enclosed, flexible, can be used without chemical aids, and the costs are moderate. Industry particularly has accepted centrifuges in part due to their low capital cost, simplicity of operation, and effectiveness with difficult-to-dewater sludges. The most effective centrifuges to dewater waste sludges are horizontal, cylindrical - conical, solid bowl machines. Basket centrifuges dewater sludges effectively but liquid clarification is poor. Disc-type machines do a good job of clarification but their dewatering capabilities leave much to be desired. Centrifuges are being installed in more and more wastewater treatment plants for the following reasons: (1) the capital cost is low in comparison with other mechanical equipment, (2) the operating and maintenance costs are moderate, (3) the unit is totally enclosed so odors are minimized, (4) the unit is simple and will fit in a small space, (5) chemical conditioning of the sludge is often not required, (6) the unit is flexible in that it can handle a wide variety of solids and function as a thickening as well as a dewatering device, (7) little supervision is required, and (8) the centrifuge can dewater some industrial sludges that cannot be handled by vacuum filters.

The poor quality of the centrate is a major problem with centrifuges. The fine solids in centrate recycled to the head of the

The disadvantages associated with centrifugation are: (1) without the use of chemicals the solids capture is often very poor, and chemical costs can be substantial; (2) trash must often be removed from the centrifuge feed by screening; (3) cake solids are often lower than those resulting from vacuum filtration; and (4) maintenance costs are high.

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