Figure 8. Example of an impeller mixer.

The proper measure of flocculation effectiveness is the performance of subsequent solids separation units in terms of both effluent quality and operating requirements, such as filter backwash frequency. Effluent quality depends greatly on the reduction of residual primary size particles during flocculation, while operating requirements relate more to the floe volume applied to separation units.

Flocculation units should have multiple compartments and should be equipped with adjustable speed mechanical stirring devices to permit meeting changed conditions. In spite of simplicity and low maintenance, non-mechanical, baffled basins are undesirable because of inflexibility, high head losses, and large space requirements. Mechanical flocculators may consist of rotary, horizontal-shaft reel units as shown in Figure 9.

Rotary vertical shaft turbine units as shown in Figure 10 and other rotary or reciprocating equipment are other examples. Tapered flocculation may be obtained by varying reel or paddle size on horizontal common shaft units or by varying speed on units with separate shafts and drives. In applications other than coagulation with alum or iron salts, flocculation parameters may be quite different. Lime precipitates are granular and benefit little from prolonged flocculation.

Polymers which already have a long chain structure may provide a good floe at low mixing rates. Often the turbulence and detention in the clarifier inlet distribution is adequate.

Figure 9. Mechanical flocculation basin horizontal shaft-reel type.

Figure 10. Mechanical flocculator vertical shaft-paddle type water pressure lubricated u-p ' 1 -1 • • ' i

Figure 10. Mechanical flocculator vertical shaft-paddle type

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