Municipal Drinking Water

In the United States, Whiting, Indiana and Strasburg, Pennsylvania have used ozone in their drinking water treatment process. Other cities have run pilot studies. Ozone is used as a bleaching agent for miscellaneous items: petroleum, clays, wood products, and chemical baths. It has been proposed as a bleaching agent for hair and as a disinfectant for oils and emulsions. Ozone is used to modify tryptophan and indigo plant juice. It is an important factor in colorfastness. The desulfurization of flue gases by ozone has been considered an application where it promotes liquidphase oxidation. The operations are carried out with vanadium catalysts, and the oxidation step is performed in gasfluidized beds. The desulfurizing effect of ozone on light petroleum distillates has also been reported.

The use of ozone has been proposed in special ore-flotation processes. Two widely different applications involve hydraulic cement and the fabrication of coating on insulators.

The metallurgical applications include steel refining, electrochemical processes, and gold recovery. The aggressive reactivity of ozone is evident in the corrosion of stainless steel and in chemical etching. The inhibition of ozone decomposition is accomplished in the presence of SF6, CC12172, or CF3Metal coatings, paints, and lacquers have been evaluated with respect to ozone resistivity. Ozone has been examined as a potential source of high-energy oxidation and for combustion and propulsion applications.

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