A - area (m) B, B'= empirical parameters C = filtration parameter c = concentration (kg/m3) Fs = force (N) hc = cake height (m) K,K" ,K"'= filtration constants L = cake thickness (m) pore length (m) number of suspended particles number of pores pressure (N/m2)

filtrate volumer per unit area of filter (m3/m3) or filtrate volume (m3)

specific resistance (m"1)

specific volumetric cake resistance (kg/m2)

pore radius (m)

specific mass cake resistance (kg/m2) resistance (m/sec)

cake and filter resistance, respectively (m'L) average velocity (m/sec) filtrate volume (m3)

mass of dry solids (kg), or rate of filtration (m3/m2-sec) ratio of cake to filtrate volume. Greek Symbols e = porosity H = viscosity (P)

II = ratio of filtration rate to gravity setting t - time (sec) t0 = time constant (sec)

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