Permeability And Darcys

The term reservoir description is applied to characterizing a homogeneous system as opposed to a heterogeneous one. A reservoir description defines the reservoir at a level where a property changes sufficiently so that more than a single average must be used to model the flow. In this sense, a reservoir composed of a section of coarse gravel and a section of fine sand, where these two materials are separated and have significantly different permeabilities, is heterogeneous in nature. Defining dimensions, locating areas and establishing average properties of the gravel and sand constitutes a reservoir description, and is a satisfactory approach for reservoir-level type problems.

The governing flow equation describing flow through as porous medium is known as Darcy's law, which is a relationship between the volumetric flow rate of a fluid flowing linearly through a porous medium and the energy loss of the fluid in motion.

Darcy's law is expressed as:

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