Recommended Resources For The Reader

Recommend that you surf the following Web sites for detailed equipment information on ion exchangers and carbon adsorption.

1. Ion Exchange Chromatography - Basic principles of ion exchange chromatography and studies conducted from Texas A&M University.

2. Ion Exchange - Encyclopedia article - good general introduction. (Encarta® Concise Encyclopedia Article)...

3. Indian Ion Exchange and Chemical Industries - Produces reverse osmosis and demineralization systems, base exchange softeners, clarifiers and filters, degassers and de-aerators, filtration and micro filtration systems, effluent treatment plant... .

4. Dionex Corporation - Manufacturers of liquid chromatography systems (IC and HPLC), chromatography software data systems, reversed-phase and ion-exchange columns, and accelerated solvent extraction systems.. .

5. Remco Engineering - Manufacturer of systems for water treatment, waste water recycling, heavy metal recovery and filtration. Provides some good general information plus vendor specific, .

6. Purolite Corporation - London company offers ion exchange products and polymeric absorbents. Find corporate info, offices worldwide, products, services, and contacts...

7. Ion Exchange for Introduction to Biochemical Engineering - General and company specific information - "Ion exchange can be defined as a reversible exchange of ions between a solid and a liquid in which there is no substantial change in the structure of the solid (Dowex Dow Chemical)". The solids are the ion exchange resin., etc.

8. Ion Exchange Resins - Spectra/Gel Ion Exchange resins are ion exchange media for use in low-pressure liquid chromatography. They are based on a polystyrene/divinylbenzene support and are available for both anion and cation exchange applications. This site will give you a reasonable background on resin selection criteria and some economic factors for comparisons to other technologies,

9. Ion exchange for Metal Recovery - A discussion of the trade-offs Author Karrs, Stanley R. Buckley, Deborah Morey Document Type Proceedings article Source 7th AESF/EPA Conference on Pollution Control in the Metal Finishing Industry Subject Resource. Although specific to the metal industry, still some very good technical data that will assist you on resin selection for ion exchange applications. Also, some good schematics of process operations. http://es.epa.gOv/techpubs/0/7250.html.

10. Application of Ion Exchange to Materials Recovery - A compilation of links to internet recycling resources provided by Allan Barton of Murdoch University, author of Resources Recycling and Recovery. Visit this at the following URL...

11. Ion Exchange Resins - Very good site for you to visit! Contains cost comparisons between RO and ion exchange systems for several design cases. http://www. rohmhaas .com/ionexchange.

12. Comparison with Reverse Osmosis and Ion Exchange - Another great site to visit for comparison with reverse osmosis and ion exchange The BioDentmProcessReverse Osmosislon Exchange THE BioDentm PROCESS The BioDentm process has several important advantages over other nitrate treatment systems:

13. Ion Exchange Simulation - Uses the Java applet that simulates an ion exchange experiment. Select from topics for information on using the applet. Setting up the experiment Running the simulation.

14. JCE 1996 (73) 639 [Jul] Visible Ion Exchange Demonstration for Large or Small Lecture Halls - Visible Ion Exchange Demonstration for Large or Small Lecture Halls Jerry A. Driscoll Department of Chemistry, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT 84112 This demonstration is a colorful illustration of how an ion exchange column works. Some great visual graphics!

15. Ion Exchange Resin Cross Reference Guide - American L.B. Science & Technology Group Co., Ltd. is a group of manufacturer & manufacturer representative specializing in electronic and mechanical and water treatment products. http: //www. americanlb. com/resin/res .html.

16. Care & Use of Vydac VHP Ion-Exchange Columns - Guide to Column Care and Use Vydac VHP Protein Ion-Exchange Columns (300VHP, 301VHP, 400VHP) Vydac VHP-Series Protein Ion-Exchange columns consist of a polystyrene-divinylbenzene copolymer bead with a chemically attached hydrophilic surface. A thorough treatment of the theory and some experimental data.

17. IEXTOOLS (TM) Ion Exchange Software - IexTools Ion exchange is extensively used in ultrapure (high-purity) water manufacturing. Ion exchange is used in the following industries: power, microelectronics, food, water treatment (potable, wastewater), and hydrometallurgy.

18. The Zeolite Researchers' List: Catalysis, ion-exchange and separation -

List of researchers in the field of zeolites (including URLs and e-mail-adresses). Subfield: Catalysis, ion-exchange and separation, http: //w w w. tn. utwente. nl/cdr/S taff/Haral.

19. Adsorption and ion exchange group - Loughborough University -

adsorption and ion exchange group loughborough university department of chemical engineering The adsorption and ion exchange group is concerned with research into environmental pollution control, especially the removal of trace toxic metals and organochemicals. You will find abstracts of research and links to research articles. http://www-staff. lboro. ac .uk/ ~ cgbs2.

20. Home Water Treatment Using Activated Carbon - Discussion and guidelines from a 1997 article from the Michigan State University Extens ion. http: //www. msue. msu. edu/msue/imp/modwq/w.

21. Water Treatment FAQ - By Patton Turner. Excellent overview of all water treatment methods and associated problems.

22. Treatment Systems for Household Water Supplies - Activated Carbon Filtration - 1992 article from the North Dakota State University Extension Service explaining in detail what activated charcoal systems can and cannot do. http: //www .ext. nodak. edu/extpubs/h2oqual.

23. Activated Carbon for Process Water Treatment: Activated Carbon from CPL Carbon Link - Activated carbon from CPL Carbon Link for liquid and gas phase purification by adsorption. Activated carbons for all applications including chemical, water, air, solvent recovery, gold recovery, food, automotive, industrial, catalysis.,

24. Carbochem - Supplies carbon and other chemical products based in copper, cerium, nickel, and cobalt,

25. Water Quality and Treatment Handbook, 5th Edition - State-of-the-art handbook of community water supplies The leading source of information on water quality, water treatment, and quality control for 60 years is now available in an up-to-the-minute new edition. Go to this site for detailed contents of this important publication.

26. Activated Carbon Treatment of Drinking Water - Cornell Cooperative Extension, New York State College of Human Ecology Activated Carbon Treatment of Drinking Water Linda Wagenet and Ann Lemley Fact Sheet 3, December 1995 Activated carbon filtration (AC) is effective in reducing certain organic chemicals...

27. Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Adsorption (Liquid Phase) page -

Description of granular activated carbon (GAC) adsorption (liquid phase) remediation technology used to clean up pumped ground water contaminated with volatile/semi-volatile organics and PCBs. http: //erb .nfesc. navy. mil/restoration/te.

28. Tailoring Activated Carbon Surfaces for Water, Wastewater and Hazardous Waste Treatment Operations - Tailoring Activated Carbon Surfaces for Water, Wastewater and Hazardous Waste Treatment Operations EPA Grant Number: R828157 Title: Tailoring Activated Carbon Surfaces for Water, Wastewater and Hazardous Waste Treatment Operations Investigators: Tan.

29. Ground Water Pumping and Treatment - Last updated: 17-Jul-96 Ground Water Pumping and Treatment: extracts contaminated ground water and separates the contamination from the water, then destroys the contaminants. Techniques used to treat ground water including carbon adsorption are discussed,

30. Home Water Treatment Using Activated Carbon - Michigan State University Extension MSU Extension Water Quality Bulletins - WQ239201 07/14/97 Home Water Treatment Using Activated Carbon Introduction Activated carbon (AC) filters. Useful site for residential applications in water purification,

Recommend you check these hardcopy references out and add them to your library.

31. McPeak, John F. and Harold L. Aronovitch, Iron in Water and Processes for its Removal, Hungerford and Terry Inc., Clayton, N.J., 1983.

32. Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality, 4th ed., Minister of National Health and Welfare, Ottawa, 1989.

33. Nalco Water Treatment Handbook (The), 2nd ed., edited by Frank N. Kemmer, McGraw-Hill Inc., New York, 1988.

34. Owens, Dean L., Practical Principles of Ion Exchange Water Treatment, Tall Oaks Publishing, Inc., Voorhees NJ, 1985.

35. Sybron Chemicals Inc.,/! Look at the Synthesis of Ion-Exchange Resins, McGraw-Hill Publishing Co. Inc., New York, 1963.

36. Meltzer, Theodore H., High Purity Water Preparation, Tall Oaks Publishing, Inc., Littleton, CO, 1993.

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