Some Final Comments On Both Technologies

Both technologies are extremely important to achieving high quality water characteristics, and both are complex - each posing a different set of challenges in scaling up to commercial size operations. You will find that most equipment suppliers have the expertise to tailor their equipment and processes to specific applications, but that in many situations, pilot scale testing will be required.

The overview of these technologies presented in this chapter should give you a flavor for the applications and general principles. For carbon adsorption, we can add one more helpful piece of information. Table 11 provides you with some representative organic chemicals that can be removed from water using activated carbon systems. Following this table is a short glossary of important terms for ion exchange and carbon adsorption.

Table 11. Representative Organic Chemicals and Typical Retentivities on Activated Carbons



Molecular Weight

Boiling Point @ 760 mm Hg,°C

Avg. Retentivity in % at 20° C and 760 mm Hg

Methane Series


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