Water Sterilization Technologies Operation And Maintenance

Ozonation equipment typically has low maintenance requirements. The, airpreparation system requires frequent attention for air filter cleaning/changing and for assuring that the desiccant is drying the air properly. However, both are usually simple operations. Two factors which impact ozone generator operation and maintenance are the effectiveness of the air-preparation system and the amount of time that the generator is required to operate at maximum capacity. Maintenance of the ozone generators is commonly scheduled once a year. However, many plants perform this maintenance every six months. Typically, one man-week is necessary to service an individual ozone generation unit of the horizontaltube type. Dielectric replacement due to failure as well as breakage during maintenance may be as low as 1 percent to 2 percent. An average tube life of ten years can be expected if a feedgas dew point of - 60' is maintained and if the ozone generator is not required to operate for prolonged periods at its rated capacity. Plate-type ozone generators use window glass as dielectrics. However, the same attention to air preparation is taken as with the more expensive glass or ceramic tubes in order to avoid costly downtime. Operations and maintenance of the ozone contactor also requires attention. Turbines require electricity to power the drive motors, while porous diffusers require regular inspection and maintenance to insure a uniform distribution of ozone-rich gas in the contact chamber. It should be noted that serious safety problems exist with servicing some of these units. For example, even after purging the contact chambers with air, maintenance personnel entering the chambers should be equipped with a self-contained breathing apparatus, since the density of ozone is heavier than air and therefore is difficult to remove completely by air purging.

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